Delivery Informations


Pocket Rocket UK Economy Standard Recorded Service by Royal Mail in the UK please allow us 2/4 Working day from the order confirmation email to dispatch 

Pocket Rocket UK Offers Express Next Day Service by Royal Mail in the UK please allow us 1/2 Working day from the order confirmation email to dispatch 

Pocket Rocket UK Offers International Track & Sign Delivery Services in Europe please allow us 5/7 Working day from the order confirmation email to dispatch 

Pocket Rocket UK will always strive to meet your delivery requirements; we use a wide range of respected courier services and can deliver to most locations without any problems.

The courier services we use are as follows –

  • Royal Mail – We use Royal Mail services for both UK shipments and International Packages. This service can be selected by international customers whilst it is also our preferred service for deliveries to Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands and low-value UK packages.
  • FEDEX – This service is a priority international delivery option and can be chosen by customers who require packages to be delivered worldwide within 2-5 days.
  • UPS – As per FedEx this is a similar service and provides International customers with a speedy priority delivery service.
  • DHL – This is a budget priority mail service; it is a better value service compared to the FedEx/UPS delivery options but normally ensures international customers received packages within 3-5 days.
  • Parcelforce –We use this service for international shipments to a number of countries.

All delivery times are stated in working days and do note that in the case of delivery a working day is classed as any day other than weekends or public holidays.

Any purchase made upon a non-working will only be processed on the next available working day. For example. A next working day (The UK only) delivery order placed on a Saturday would only be processed on the following Monday for delivery on Tuesday.

Order Security

If you would like to have your item delivered to an address which is not registered to the credit/debit card our security team will contact, you. In some cases, we will require further security information and identification to be provided by the customer who will need to email the required information to our security team.

Pocket Rocket UK will at times request further information* to validate a purchase, this information will be assessed by our expert security team and then destroyed.

Further information will be defined by each individual order and may vary – Pocket Rocket UK will require at times a form of ID to validate customer address and payment details, at times Pocket Rocket UK will require the customer to contact their payment issuer for further information.

By placing an order with Pocket Rocket UK you are indicating that you have read and agreed to the website’s terms and conditions and have the capacity and authorisation to make a said order.

Delivery address

Items are sent to the stated delivery address provided by the customer on the online order form

Should the delivery address differ from the invoice address, the Customer is to provide both addresses when placing the order, the parcel will be shipped to the delivery address specifically indicated on the form.

If the item returned back to us (sender) due to wrong address or Delivery refused by the customer for any reason deduction fees will apply or on the cancellation of an order WHERE WE ALREADY PAID TO COURIER we will  deduct  our cost £10.99 as our standard P&P  


Failed Delivery Attempts

In the event of a failed delivery, depending on the circumstances and the carrier’s policy, the Customer may receive a note of passage i.e., “calling card” in his/her mailbox. If indeed the courier has left a note, the Customer will need to call the carrier in order to arrange a new delivery date, if the Customer does not contact the courier service the item will automatically be attempted delivery the following working day for up to and sometimes surpassing 2 delivery attempts with the exception of Royal Mail packages, these items will require collection after the initial delivery attempt. It also might occur that the Customer does not find a calling card in this case it is the Customer’s responsibility to track his/her orders online with the provided tracking information upon the carrier’s website, in order to view package status information and inform either the courier or Pocket Rocket UK customer services of any issues as soon as possible. Should the package not be re-attempted, collected or delivered to and/or by the customer the package will be returned to Pocket Rocket UK where a redelivery fee will be applicable.

Late Delivery

At times a parcel may not be delivered within the expected time allotment or stated delivery time frame given by the carrier and/or Pocket Rocket UK and the delay extends too long we would expect the Customer to contact Pocket Rocket UK in order to open an inquiry to establish the whereabouts of the parcel, i.e. the parcel may be lost/stolen/missing in COVID-19 Times delivery be delay.

Please do note that in the case of delivery a working day is classed as any day other than weekends or public holidays.

Loss of the parcel

Should such a situation arise, Pocket Rocket UK is compelled to respect the time-frames set by the carriers in regard to declaring the loss of the package, processing a claim with the courier and then refunding the shipment or replacing the item for the customer. Hence, the Customer is also bound to the same timeframes:

In order for Pocket Rocket UK to officially declare a parcel lost, the Customer has 2 days to declare the loss of a parcel in the UK or starting from the date he or she received the shipment confirmation e-mail. beyond this time period, no claim will be accepted. *Please note that for International shipments this will be extended in accordance with the courier service you select, we require notification within 2 days of the delivery estimation date.

Should the parcel be declared as lost within the above-mentioned time, Pocket Rocket UK will attend to filing a claim with the carrier and may eventually ask the Customer for additional documents to complete the composition of the file’s content. The Customer will then need to send the information as soon as possible.

The final response related to claims is given by the carrier within a one to three-week period. The nature of the response can be one of two types: either the parcel is found and then sent back to the Customer by standard procedure, or the parcel is declared as lost by the carrier and Pocket Rocket UK informs the Customer. In this case, and in accordance with the customer’s wishes, Pocket Rocket UK can make a second shipment of the order or proceed by fully refunding the Customer for the total amount paid.

In the event of loss, Pocket Rocket UK will send the customer a (P101) Non-Receipt Declaration form, which will be used as part of the investigation process. This form will be a declaration of non-receipt and should further investigation and/or GPS data prove that the item has been delivered successfully to the correct location than this will be used as part of a legal case towards the recipient. This may or may not involve a police investigation and will not be limited to the purchaser of the goods but also the individual/individuals who signed/received the goods at the specified delivery location. Please contact our customer service team to inquire further about this form in the event of any lost goods. Time frames for completion and replacement will vary on a case to case basis.

Receipt of parcel

When the items are delivered to the Customer, you will be asked to sign for the goods as an acknowledgement of receipt. If a parcel comes partly or totally damaged, the Customer’s reservations must be written on the delivery note in the presence of the carrier.

Should no reservation be mentioned, the parcel is considered as delivered in good condition and no subsequent claims or complaints will be accepted by Pocket Rocket UK Should the customer want to preserve recourse against the courier, he/she must put in a claim in writing to the courier within 3 days (public holidays excluded) following the day of delivery. This claim must be sent by registered letter with a form of acknowledgement of receipt.

Any unclaimed parcel that is returned to Pocket Rocket UK can be sent back to the Customer provided that they repay the delivery fees. Should there be any issues with the package relating to contents, missing or otherwise we would need to be notified within 48 hours of the time of delivery to ensure the legitimacy of this claim, otherwise Pocket Rocket UK would be unable to take any further action?


The Customer should check with the local authorities of their country of residence about the entry conditions for the ordered items. It is the Customer’s responsibility to make the necessary declaration(s) and/or payment(s) to the appropriate authorities and or officials in their respective country.

The Customer should inquire to local authorities on the legalities of importing or using the services and items ordered. Should the customer not accept or reject payment of import taxes or duties then a charge will be applied for the cost of the return delivery and the original delivery of the item, the charges will be removed from the customers refund upon return of the package.

The Customer should make sure that the technical specifications detailed by the manufacturer respect the legislation of their respective country.

Pocket Rocket UK cannot be held liable if the Customer does not respect the legislation of the country in which the items will be introduced.

Pocket Rocket UK will ensure all documents that are required to be provided by Pocket Rocket UK i.e. FCC Forms will be inclusive of applicable parcels as standard.

Full tracking is available via email upon dispatch if you have any questions please contact us

All Delivery Times are Stated within the Working Days (Monday – Friday) no delivery on Saturday and Sunday for next day delivery cut off time 11.30 am.